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Christian Mantzke

Christian Mantzke has worked as a waiter at D'Amico's in Rice Village for sixteen days. In that time, Christian has received plenty of sizable tips, but on Saturday, he said a couple of regulars gave him an envelope with $5,000 cash. "He answered, 'We're still going to come in, but we're not going to tip you for a while.' He said this is for you to  and  a good automobile,"
tells Christian. Christian wasted his automobile in a terrible violent storm sometime ago. He had been taking cabs and buses to  to restaurant. Brina D'Amico Donaldson, a co-owner of the eating place, said she was amazed by the sum of money he was given."It was a bit shocking to learn that. I was like, possibly five hundred dollars, but $5,000 is rather a big tip," said D'Amico Donaldson. She said it couldn't have happened to a better person." Christian Mantzke anunbelievably ambitious worker. He would work every work shift if we would allow him," she added. Christian still has a hard time believing it happened."People can be generous. They told me I deserved it," said Christian Mantzke. "It's overwhelming to me." Christian said he has a plans spending the tip for a car. The 2 generous customers have asked to stay unnamed.

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